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Colorado Concealed Carry

This page provides general information about the requirements for the Colorado Concealed Carry permit. The requirements are state legislated, but the permit is obtained through your county of residence. Links are provided to several of the counties surrounding Denver, Colorado's web pages concerning the CCW permit.

As a website, we seek to provide resources to facilitate the acquisition of your CCW permit. We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within any links provided.

18-12-201. Legislative declaration
18-12-202. Definitions
18-12-203. Criteria for obtaining a permit
18-12-204. Permit contents - validity - carrying requirements
18-12-205. Sheriff - application - procedure - background check
18-12-206. Sheriff - issuance or denial of permits - report
18-12-207. Judicial review - permit denial - permit suspension - permit revocation
18-12-208. Colorado bureau of investigation - duties
18-12-209. Issuance by sheriffs of temporary emergency permits
18-12-210. Maintenance of permit - address change - invalidity of permit
18-12-211. Renewal of permits
18-12-212. Exemption
18-12-213. Reciprocity
18-12-214. Authority granted by permit - carrying restrictions
18-12-215. Immunity
18-12-216. Permits issued prior to May 17, 2003

Adams County Sheriff's Office - CCW Instructions

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office - CCW Instructions

City of Denver Police Department - CCW Instructions

Douglas County Sheriff's Office - CCW Instructions

Elbert County Sheriff's Office - CCW Instructions

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office - CCW Instructions

If you do not live in one of the above counties and wish to find information concerning the CCW permit in your county, try Googling "yourcountyname county concealed handgun permit".

Note: These links are provided as a courtesy. We cannot be responsible for organizations external to us changing their Urls. If you find a broken link it would be helpful if you send us an email describing which link is broken. It would be even more helpful if you did a quick Google and supplied us with the new link, too.

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