Progressive Combat Systems.

"There are no dangerous weapons.  There are only dangerous men".  Robert A. Heinlein

What do you do if trouble breaks out and you don't have your firearm handy?

My friend Brian Copeland, owner of Progressive Combat Systems, teaches a very realistic martial art/ combative system (Jeet Kune Do) with one goal in mind... “get home safe!”

Unlike traditional or sport martial arts, Progressive Combat Systems teaches you how to stop an attacker or attackers by targeting weak spots that will stop anyone. This will buy you precious time to escape, eliminate the threat unarmed or make space and draw your firearm. And let’s face it, you never know if you will be attacked by a teenager or a group of adult thugs so you need options!

Progressive Combat Systems will teach you the following:

  • Rapid Assault Tactics - The Navy’s SEAL Team Six combat program
  • Behavioral Combat Training - How you will react in a real situation, how they will react and how to take advantage of this
  • How To Cheat To Win - Literally all is fair in a real fight. Why play by rules?
  • Avoidance & Awareness – the best way to never have to use self-defense
  • The Reality of what it takes to stop an aggressive attacker
  • To Run or Not to Run - when to stop, when to attack, when to run
  • Rape Prevention – Most women do not fight back... learn why you should, how you should and what to do afterward to make sure this scumbag goes away for a long-time
  • Break & Escape Any Hold or Grab – Don’t just escape, make them afraid to grab you again!
  • THIS MOVE will Stop Someone Dead in their Tracks regardless of size
  • Survive on the Ground and take them out for good
  • Convenient & Legal Self-Defense Weapons you must carry in addition to your concealed firearm!
  • Edged & Blunt Weapons Defense – Learn how to survive a knife attack up close when drawing your firearm will be too slow!
  • Gun Disarms – And since you are trained by CCC you will know what to do once you have their gun
  • Brazilian Jujitsu meets Filipino Kina Mutai - 2 powerhouses unite to make you a deadly ground fighter in 1/10th the time it takes most people
  • Defending the Sucker Punch - Not just defending it but seeing it before it happens. Your attacker will give you clues before they attack, you just need to learn how to observe these cues.
  • Defend Wild Punches - Aggressive wild punches can be very scary and hard to deal with. Learn how to cope and counter with an iron-clad tactic.
  • Multiple Attacker Combat - Yes you can defeat multiple attackers but it takes these tactics to win
  • Bruce Lee's Footwork Drills - Have what seems like inhuman speed and be a master of distance... Especially important if you need to make space between you and your attackers to draw your firearm
  • Use of Force Discussion - As good guys we have the God-given and legal right to defend ourselves. But it is important to know when to stop and how the courts tend to look at things. Also, how to make sure you are viewed as the good guy by the Police and witnesses.
  • Self-Defense Weapons - What to carry, how to carry, what to carry when weapons are illegal.
  • Mind Set - How legendary Samurai Musashi was never defeated in over 60 duels to the death including getting jumped by over a dozen Samurai thugs at one time... Staying cool, calm and collected are keys to success of elite athletes, fighters and military operatives. If you lose your cool your training goes out the window. But make them lose their cool and/or psych them out and you have a distinct advantage. Learn how.
  • Much much more - We are always changing, growing, adding and taking away. Refinement and growth are core values at our school.

Brian offers:

Beginner-Level Courses – Just the basics of self preservation

Jeet Kune Do Classes – On-going classes to continue to develop you into a well-rounded warrior

Private Instruction – Tailored to your specific needs

Brian Copeland has over 20 years experience in martial arts and combatives and is certified by martial arts legend Paul Vunak, creator of the Navy’s Seal Team Six combat program “Rapid Assault Tactics.” Brian is also a certified to teach the Force Continuum for Law Enforcement and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

Brian’s students include members of local and Federal law enforcement, corrections officers, DEA, international operatives, Fugitive Recovery Agents and regular men and women interested in defending themselves and their loved ones against violence.

Brian’s training is always safe, fun and incredibly practical.

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